In the Official Windows Vista Blog they address that the SP1 only address some thing like hardware drivers, administration, but if you see some black screen in VISTA normally with Software that are No Microsoft. The size of SP1 is 1GB, these must be a new operating system!!!


The danger of root kits
Rootkits ( programs that are hidden inside the computer and an hacker can get control of home computers and these PCs. So they can play with infected PCs to attack other PCs or servers

Most of these dangers come with that's sites claiming that you won million Euros, or that you can download legal stuff for free.

Now days tools that are really free and can free your PC, there are some free tools available like AVG Anti-Rootkit Free, Panda Anti-Rootkit Free, Sophos Anti-Rootkit Free .

follow this like to download

Windows VISTA SP1

According to Microsoft the vista SP1 will be released in the beginning of 2008 and in my opinion the psychological barrier will be overcome for the corporate market. This barrier is the starting point for worldwide company to adopt Vista as OS.
We will see stronger adoption of the Linux OS, because of the hardware requisites that will be needed for the Windows Vista comparing to Linux.
Finally we ill see on the long term, no need for the OS in the desktop and the we ill see WEB OS everywhere.