Email Tracking with Google Analytics

Never was so simple to track your email such as Newsletter so i am going to explain you just how easy if you already don´t know, if i make a newsletter your links have to go like these

so after the your page link or your link you to add ?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Newsletter&utm_campaign=Newsletter3

- Where is green you have to made changes to your

- utm_source=Newsletter (Which action)
- utm_medium=email (Which medium)
- utm_content=Newsletter (What kind of content)
- utm_campaign=Newsletter_561 ( Which campaign)

Then you can see the results in your Google Analytics account

Don´t forget to publish the html file in your site and include the script of Google Analytics to track your page


When you need to change the name of the server in the operating system and you need to change the name of the SQL Server

  1. First of all Backup your databases
  2. select @@SERVERNAME then it returns the the name of the SQL Server
  3. sp_dropserver 'jmc-pc' name of the server
  4. go
  5. sp_addserver 'ws-jmc', local
  6. go
  7. repeat step 2 after restarting SQL Server to check if the name of SQL Server is OK
  8. More Information in