Happy New Year

I hope the New Year 2008 brings more peace between nations, eliminate entirely the Hunger in the World. For those who visit my blog thank you very much.
Happy New Year !!!!

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Merry christmas !!!




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Free Software Site

Today I will change blog status to give the some other information, for those who already know, it will not be a big surprise.
These site have free software and every day offer for free licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise!



P.S.: They offer software under specific terms and conditions, which limit the software usage to non-commercial only, and may also limit software updates and technical support.

SQL Bulk Insert

Very nice post explaining how to do a bulk insert from a text File specifying a field delimited with comma or other. It cames with examples including SP's .

Follow the link:

Web Analytics

Although i have an IT profile i like to see what´s going on these area I'm using mainly Google Analytics. I have noticed in Web Analytics that exists many concepts, i will detach some concepts like Converstion Rate( percentage of unique visitors who take a desired action), Bounce rate (% users that enter and get out in less 10 Seconds) if the percentage is high > 80%, your site needs like mine to be rebuild and have the content that attract visitors.

There are other tools to get the job done like webtrends, ClickTracks
To take the juice out of ClickStream"
There Some Questions to make to our software
- Why the visitor came to our web site ?
- Where they are located ? (Region,City,Country)
- what are they searching ? ( Products and Services, or both)
- What time they spend in average ?
- What is my convertion rate for my campaign X,Y,Z

These and other questions must have a response .
Internally we have to adpot our sites to the target market, we must have accurate content.
In the search engine we have to include the Keywords that are meaningfully to our brand and site.
I'm not encouraging no one to go to direct submission software tools for the submission of the web site because that can trap us and not giving the expected results. For these propose we must submit directly to Google, Yahoo, Msn or Live Search because these are that major search engines around, but we can not forget the local search Engines.

Virtual Machines

Virtual machines let's install on new machines programs, Os's like a real PC. For company's it allows to get green and get the correct use of the hardware and LAN infrastructure , if you get hardware problems you could go to other PC and with simple file copy restore your Virtual Machine.

Advantages in using Virtual machines:

  • Test environment for your program's
  • It takes little time to setup the second VM, just file copy.
  • Can use several VM's
  • Put the Hardware functioning to according to it's potential
  • Can use these machines to training events
  • Less investment more ROI in IT
  • Software evaluation without taking risks
  • Can use Open Source in more suitable way.
  • Consolidation storage and LAN

There are several software to do virtualization i have worked with VMWARE Server which is free, but there are other like Xensource Express which is free as well. there are other software options which are not free, but with another level of consolidation of servers.

  • Vmware Server

  • Xensource Express

PS: You have to make a registration process to get the licenses keys

The Black Screen in Windows Vista

The new Black Screen of windows vista is major replacement of the Blue Screen, These black screen appears when the system hung. Normally if you plug a usb camera and the drivers are from Windows Vista the system Hung and there are others causes that are related to anti-virus applications that go into the core of the operating system and then the system for security reasons don´t allow them to go to the core.

Free Web Office

The revolution that is taking place on the web regarding Office solutions like Google Docs, Zoho, Thinkfree, Lotus sumphony and Live Office from Microsoft

I think that nowadays Zoho is taking the lead facing other competition, because they have lots of applications like Zoho DB ( spreadsheet and database integration) , they CRM

More recently Adobe presents Buzzword , just remember all products are free or almost free with some limitations. Lets give a try and users and small business can have a good choice.


Picture from Nytimes.com


In the Official Windows Vista Blog they address that the SP1 only address some thing like hardware drivers, administration, but if you see some black screen in VISTA normally with Software that are No Microsoft. The size of SP1 is 1GB, these must be a new operating system!!!


The danger of root kits
Rootkits ( programs that are hidden inside the computer and an hacker can get control of home computers and these PCs. So they can play with infected PCs to attack other PCs or servers

Most of these dangers come with that's sites claiming that you won million Euros, or that you can download legal stuff for free.

Now days tools that are really free and can free your PC, there are some free tools available like AVG Anti-Rootkit Free, Panda Anti-Rootkit Free, Sophos Anti-Rootkit Free .

follow this like to download

Windows VISTA SP1

According to Microsoft the vista SP1 will be released in the beginning of 2008 and in my opinion the psychological barrier will be overcome for the corporate market. This barrier is the starting point for worldwide company to adopt Vista as OS.
We will see stronger adoption of the Linux OS, because of the hardware requisites that will be needed for the Windows Vista comparing to Linux.
Finally we ill see on the long term, no need for the OS in the desktop and the we ill see WEB OS everywhere.

Windows File System

An article that i found about the windows file system ( NTFS, FAT, FAT32), that can be useful for newbies, here is the Link .

Help for UAC on VIsta

Workaround on User Access Control just follow this link and see more tweaks on Vista UAC

Windows Vista User Account Control Step by Step Guide URL: http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsVista/en/library/0d75f774-8514-4c9e-ac08-4c21f5c6c2d91033.mspx

Service Pack 1 for Vista

News on the web saying that Microsoft will release Service pack 1 for Windows Vista is in testing phase. Let's see if some improvement pass the next phase, i.s. for business and major company's will start to implement Windows Vista and if Vista left the child period of a good product.

Windows Vista

After reading and dealing with Windows Vista and UAC ( User Access Control) on VIsta, i notice that there isn't an option to remember all the option that it took when installing any program.
follow the link to read it completed

Let's face it to new?
Better then is XP ?

Tell about your experience on Vista and compare to XP

Welcome Message

These is about my experience in IT and i will pass some of that to you. My propose is to share some knowledege. These is a tech blog with the support of IT Tech BuZ