The Black Screen in Windows Vista

The new Black Screen of windows vista is major replacement of the Blue Screen, These black screen appears when the system hung. Normally if you plug a usb camera and the drivers are from Windows Vista the system Hung and there are others causes that are related to anti-virus applications that go into the core of the operating system and then the system for security reasons don´t allow them to go to the core.

Free Web Office

The revolution that is taking place on the web regarding Office solutions like Google Docs, Zoho, Thinkfree, Lotus sumphony and Live Office from Microsoft

I think that nowadays Zoho is taking the lead facing other competition, because they have lots of applications like Zoho DB ( spreadsheet and database integration) , they CRM

More recently Adobe presents Buzzword , just remember all products are free or almost free with some limitations. Lets give a try and users and small business can have a good choice.


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