The open ID it's the possibility of making sign in id to multiple sites, today i done some research and see that in web 2.0 sites is becoming more and more use of these single sign on system.
Major companies already done that the first that i know was Microsoft with passport but these product was not adopted. Nowadays is being carry on with Open Id foundation for some time, these technology is not proprietary it's open to the world.
These technology permits that you can log on the web sites without have to put again and again your login information.

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Now you can do Surveys

Avinash presents in these video a solution to do surveys completely free and you can customize it.
Again Avinash presents simple solution that you can try it a see your customer or visitor answering
to your What and Why question's.

VISTA and Black Screen

To all that already know some updates may cause some black screen on vista . The windows vista when you shutdown the machine always do a restore point, which i agree that is very good.
Remember if your PC with VISTA does not start properly use Safety mode and do a restore point, if you didn´t put some new hardware or else you have to go a see if it´s compatible with VISTA.

It Tech Guys Goes Mobile

New face into to the blog with mobile face like in the picture above with the help with mofuse. Nowdays i don´t have the time to post but i will go ahead with more content