Crystal Reports SQL Expressions

Very nice explantion about SQL expressions in Crystal

The Crystal Reports Underground News: "Doing a SELECT in a SQL Expression field:

When teaching SQL expression fields I have always tried to stress that SQL Expressions are different from SQL Statements. A SQL Expression is a column in the report, where a SQL statement is a full query. My short version of this was to say 'a SQL Expression can't do a 'SELECT'. Well I recently learned that this is not precisely true. Under certain situations, a SQL Expression CAN do a completely separate select from the main report.

The main limitation is that it can only return a single value. So you probably will need a summary function. The following example comes from the Xtreme Sample Database:
(SELECT Max ( Orders.`Order ID`)
FROM `Orders` Orders)

Normally a CR SQL Expression would error on the SELECT, but if you put this expression in parentheses, Crystal will pass it to the database as a separate query. Amazingly, the column being queried does not even have to come from one of the tables in the report, but can be from another table in the database. In the past I would have recommended doing this via subreport. The advantage of a SQL Expression is that the value returned can be used to control things like Selecting, Sorting and Grouping in the report. To learn more about using complex SQL Expressions see my Experts Guide to SQL Expressions, Options and Commands."

Vista Status

Nowadays Vista has become more stable, in my
experience with Vista in English and in Portuguese I think that company's now can put in to dos list an adoption on Vista but we to consider some details first:

- Hardware
Hardware requirements to a smooth the PC's need at least 2 Gb of Ram and processor Duo core or smilar. You have to check if the hardware is Vista Compliant and check if you the drivers. You can follow these link
To do an inventory in your network such as hardware inventory, compatibility list and reporting.
For those who want to do on single XP PC you can follow these link for microsoft

- Software

In these area you to make an inventory and see if any software that you have isn't compatible with Vista and you must have a special concern regarding legacy applications.
The next step is to do pilot critical application to your business to make these transition smooth like river with no obstacles

If your site PC's are for the major Vendors you should consider to go to the vendor website.

the version of Vista that i recommend is Vista Business
of course in English, because is the most tested and native for the OS


Friend Connect, Open Social, and Ning

Good post relating social Networking

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